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Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors

One of the unique benefits available to real estate investors is the advantageous tax treatment permitted by the IRS. Our team of CPA’s and tax associates are experts in the field of real estate with extensive experience in all the relevant tax laws, regulations, and exceptions (aka, loopholes). Our tax strategies take into consideration technical as well as practical matters. Jankovic LLC’s team of professionals have broad and extensive client service experience in providing tax planning and compliance to clients involved in all types of real estate transactions including land and building development, multifamily residential, office and retail commercial, and medical facilities. Tax planning and compliance services for the investment properties include:

  • Structuring tax efficient entities for various real estate activities
  • 1031 like kind exchange planning
  • Federal and State incentive tax credit planning
  • Cost segregation analysis
  • Management and holding company related-entities planning
  • Planning and structuring tax efficient debt/equity
  • Property tax analysis, negotiation and representation with taxing authorities and development plans for tax reduction
  • Installment Sales
  • Representation in federal and state tax audits

Many investors overlook the importance of the benefit obtained from working with a team of professionals who provide comprehensive tax consulting services. An effective tax strategy must benefit not only the real estate transaction but ultimately benefit the investor(s) as well. In an constantly tax environment, we work closely with our investor clients to provide the following individual income tax services:

  • Assessment of investment portfolios to ensure maximum tax efficiency
  • Passive/Active re-characterization & planning
  • Capital gain (vs. ordinary income) strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Alternative Minimum Tax Liability Planning
  • Partnership and member allocation matters
  • State residency issues and planning strategies
  • Preparation of quarterly projections and estimated federal and state tax payments
  • Wealth preservation and charitable giving planning

Our professionals take a proactive approach and explore ways to reduce your current and future tax liabilities. We view each client’s situation in its entirety and develop customized tax strategies to integrate our efforts with your overall financial goals. 

Having tax advisors work with you during every stage of your investment plan puts you in a position to participate in creative tax planning strategies which can result in significant tax savings. To obtain more information about our unique comprehensive financial services for Real Estate Tax Strategic Planning and Analysis, please contact us.