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Colorado Caregivers Tax Services

Income Tax: Caregivers in Colorado are subject to IRC Section 280E which disallows most business deductions.

The legal workaround is to properly use Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold to overcome the IRC Section 280E challenges. We are experts in that subject and would like to help you stay compliant with the IRS and Colorado while at the same time maximizing your legal deductions.

  • We prepare Federal and Colorado tax returns for caregivers.
  • We calculate your ongoing quarterly estimated taxes to avoid estimated tax penalties/interest at the end of the year.
  • We provide IRS audit tax resolution services and Colorado audit tax resolution services.


Sales Tax:

  • We prepare Colorado and Local Sales tax returns for caregivers.

(Some of the sales of a caregiver might not be subject to sales tax. However, for patients to be exempt they must submit a form #MMR1010 Request for Fee Waiver/Tax Exempt Status and a certified copy of their most recent Colorado tax return. We know the rules and will help you stay compliant.)


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