Accounting, Tax, IRS & Marijuana

Marijuana CFO Services

If you’re like most CEOs, you’re busy growing your business. You’re making tough decisions on a daily basis that will forever shape your company. What if you had a seasoned CFO who could take the guesswork and worry out of tough decisions? You'd feel better, right? Growing a business requires money, and money is not always easy to come by. At Jankovic LLC, we help you prepare to get the capital you need to grow. Whether you are looking for angel investors, bank financing, or venture capital, you need to put your best foot forward.

When your business is struggling, you need to make fast, tough, and correct choices to get things back on track. To do that, you need access to critical information. Jankovic LLC can provide you with accurate and timely financial and operating information so you can verify, tweak, or realign your financial course.

Jankovic LLC offers accounting & bookkeeping services to small and startup businesses that include the services and oversight of an experienced Controller and/or CFO. Our clients not only receive accurate accounting support but also have access to someone who can help them with strategic financial advice on growth plans, budgeting, financing, pricing, etc. This service is best suited for small companies that are expecting to grow and management teams who recognize the need for and value of timely and accurate information as well as the strategic support that we provide.

Often times problems with capital, efficiency and accountability can be found at the very basic levels of a business structure. Making some simple changes at the foundational level, and then working to restructure a business from there can bring everything in line. Jankovic LLC can help you to identify problems, isolate solutions, and implement essential changes to the structure of your business so you’ll be living up to your best potential.