Accounting, Tax, IRS & Marijuana

Medical Marijuana & Recreational Marijuana Services

For the medical or recreational marijuana business owner, Jankovic LLC can assist you in:


  • Consulting on entity selection
  • Working with attorneys knowledgeable in this area
  • Setting up a proper Chart of Accounts for management and tax planning
  • Advising in selection of proper Point-of-Sales systems
  • Advising in selection of proper accounting software
  • Training in bookkeeping
  • Consulting on best practices for proper compliance in all areas of taxation and financial regulation – city, county, state, federal
  • Back office support services
  • Consulting on Internal Revenue Code Section 280E
  • Consulting on other entities affiliated with the predominant business
  • Formulating a viable business model
  • Executive planning and succession issues
  • Analyzing all financial data and perform salary benchmarks
  • Analysis of financial and non-financial data with owners/executive directors
  • Consult with executive directors/owners on insurance, banking, merchant services issues
  • Preparation of all required tax returns:  income tax; sales tax; city business taxes
  • Consulting on proper internal controls to reduce material misstatement and fraud
  • Tax resolution services with the IRS and State Audits


As an experienced leader in the specialized medical and recreational marijuana accounting field, Jankovic LLC can help you from the ground up. From creating a business plan to setting up an accounting system, to understanding IRS rules and regulations. Contact us for more information.