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How To Start A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In California

Jankovic LLC’s “Start Your Own Collective” is a Do It Yourself Kit that contains everything you need to start and run your own medical marijuana collective in California. We give you all the documents to form the nonprofit mutual benefit corporation and all the documents for use in the day to day operation of your collective, designed in order to help you run your collective in compliance with the relevant laws.  

The “Start Your Own Collective Kit” has been updated to comply with new and changing medical marijuana laws in California.


Jankovic LLC’s “Start Your Own Collective Kit” contains all the documents and information our CPA firm normally provides to our medical marijuana collective clients in California who retain us to help them get started. Our CPAs will help prepare the documents in your “Start Your Own Collective Kit” and will help appoint the officers and directors.


If you need additional assistance, Jankovic LLC can also assist you in obtaining the EIN number from the IRS, we can complete your seller’s permit application and we also complete your Statement of Information. Feel free to contact us to find out more information about the "Start Your Own Collective" kit.