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Online Payroll Reports

What is a payroll tax liability?

Every time you run a payroll a portion of it needs to be set aside to pay taxes to the state and federal government. This tax obligation will accumulate payroll to payroll and periodically you will need to make payments to the state or federal government as they come due. We’re now excited to making it easier than ever to track these payroll tax liabilities.

We’re pleased to announce that our payroll team has released a new Tax Liabilities report. The Tax Liabilities report makes it simpler than ever to track your outstanding payroll tax liabilities, when they’re due and to which tax agency. The report also allows you to mark liabilities paid once you’ve done so, giving you the satisfaction of watching the tax liability balance decrease as you make progress towards your business goals.


Why You’ll Love the New and Improved Tax Liabilities Report

  • Easier than ever to know who to pay, how much, and when the payments are due so you can plan accordingly.

  • The ability to track liabilities that are coming due and mark them paid once you’ve done so.

  • Know how much you’ve paid in any classification of payroll taxes over any period of time.

  • Makes payroll a very manageable (and almost a breezy) process for you.